How To: Enjoy (Cansei de Ser Sexy's) São Paulo, Brazil

Enjoy (Cansei de Ser Sexy's) São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil, one of the largest cities in the world with 18 million inhabitants, is known as much for its traffic and pollution as for its culture and music. Equally dense and sprawling, São Paulo can be daunting for first time visitors. Follow Luiza Sá, the guitarist of São Paulo electro-pop stars CSS, or Cansei de Ser Sexy, as she takes us on a tour of the group's hometown in this video. Learn the foodie hotspots, the places with the best caipirinhas, and the unmarked, uber-hip boutique that fashions CSS. Also, pay attention! There are a few words you must learn for your trip to Brazil and Portuguese lessons are included!

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Brazil must be a place of romance and of course full of paradoxes as it also is a place where millions of kids live in acute poverty.

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